Diploma in Electrical Technology, BTEB, Syllabus

Diploma in Electrical Technology – course syllabus was last released by Bangladesh Technology Education Board BTEB. Please find course names below. We will link all subjects and related classes gradually.

Agargaon, Dhaka-1207.

Table of Contents

Diploma in Electrical Technology

Diploma in Electrical Technology - High Voltage Electricity Pole, Electrical, Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, http://electricalgoln.com


1st Semester Courses :

Engineering Drawing [ Course Code: 61011 ]

Drawing instruments and their uses; Lettering, numbering and constructing title strip; Adopting alphabet of lines and dimensioning; Constructing scales; Constructing geometrical figures; Constructing conic sections; Adopting symbols; Views and isometric projections.

Physical Education & Life Skill Education [ Course Code: 65812]

Warm up; Yoga; Muscle developing with equipment; Meditation, First aid; Sports science, Games & sports; Life skill development covered in Physical Education & Life Skill Education course.

Mathematics -1 [ Course Code: 65911 ]

Algebra: AP & GP, polynomials & polynomial equations, complex number, permutation & combination, binomial theorem for positive integral index and negative & fractional index. Trigonometry: ratio of associated angles, compound angles, transformation formulae, multiple angles and sub-multiple angles.

Chemistry [ Course Code: 65913 ]

Chemistry is a basic science subject which is essential to all engineering courses. It gives knowledge of engineering material, their properties related application and selection of material for engineering application. It is intended to teach student the quality of water and its treatment as per the requirement and selection of various construction materials and their protection by metallic and organic coatings. The topics covered will provide sufficient fundamental as well as background knowledge for the particular branch.

Basic Electricity [ Course Code: 66711]

Electric current, voltage, resistance ; Ohm’s law; conductors, semiconductors and insulators; Basic electrical circuits;
Power and energy; Basic electrochemistry; Electromagnetism; Electromagnetic induction; Electrostatics; Wires and
cables; Hand tools used in wiring; House wiring; Controlling devices; Protective devices; Earthing.

Electrical Engineering Materials [ Course Code: 66713]

Conducting and no conducting materials, conduct materials, high resistive materials, magnetic materials, insulating materials, transformer oil, semiconducting materials, optical fiber.

Basic Electronics [ Course Code: 66811]

Electronic components; measuring and test equipment; color code and soldering; semiconductor; P-N junction diode; special diodes and devices; power supply; transistor; transistor amplifier; logic gates.


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2nd Semester Courses :

Electrical Circuits-1 [ Course Code: 66721]

Network theorem-Circuit Parameters; Electrical network; Kirchhoff’s Law; Thevenin’s theorem; Norton’s theorem; Superposition theorem; Maxwell’s theorem; Maximum power transfer theorem; Single phase AC circuits; Principles of basic circuits; Vectors; Impedance triangle; Power and power factor.

Electrical Appliances [ Course Code: 66722]

Electric iron; Electric heater; Rice cooker; Electric Kettle; Geyser; Electric fan; Rechargeable (Emergency) lamp; Vacuum Cleaner; Blower; Dehumidifier; Blender; Washing machine; Refrigerator; Air conditioner; Microwave oven;

Computer Application [ Course Code: 66611]

Operate a personal Computer, Operate Computer, Shutdown computer, Type text and documents in English and Bangla., Practice text typing in English and Bangla, Type documents, Operate Word Processing Application, Customize basic settings to meet page layout conventions, Format documents, Create tables, Add images, Print information and Shutdown computer, Operate Spreadsheet application, Create spreadsheets, Customize basic settings, Format spreadsheet, Incorporate object and chart in spreadsheet, Create worksheets and charts, Print spreadsheet, Operate Presentation Package, Customize basic settings, Format presentation, Add slide show effects, Print presentation and notes, Access Information using Internet and electronic mail etc.

Mathematics -2 [ Course Code: 65921]

Algebra: Determinants, Matrix, Exponential Series.
Trigonometry: Inverse circular functions, Properties of triangle and solution of triangles.
Differential Calculus: Function and limit of a function, differentiation with the help of limit, differentiation of functions, geometrical interpretation of dy / dx , successive differentiation and Leibnitz theorem, partial differentiation.
Integral Calculus: Fundamental integrals, integration by substitutions, integration by parts, integration by partial fraction, definite integrals.

Physics – 1 [ Course Code : 65912 ]

Measurement, Units; Vector and Scalar quantities; Motion and Equations of motion; Force and Newton’s Laws of motion; Gravity and Gravitation; Simple Harmonic motion; Hydrostatics; Surface tension and viscosity; Pressure, Sound; wave and sound Concepts and nature of sound, Velocity of sound, Ultrasonic.

Bangla [ Course Code : 65711 ]

মাতৃভাষা হিসেবে বাংলা ভাষার প্রকৃতি ও ‣বশিষ্ট্য সম্পর্কে ধারণা লাভ। ভাষার ব্যবহারে প্রায়োগিক যোগ্যতা অর্জন। বাংলা সাহিত্য পঠন —পাঠনের মাধ্যমে জাতীয় চেতনা, দেশপ্রেম, মুক্তিযুদ্ধের চেতনা, শুদ্ধাচার, নীতি ও মূল্যবোধের উন্মেষ ঘটানো। মাতৃভাষা ও সৃজনশীলতা : বাংলা ভাষা রীতির বিচিত্রতা, বানান রীতি, পত্র রচনা এবং কবিতা, প্রবন্ধ, নাটক, উপন্যাস ও ছোট গল্প । কোর্সটির বিস্তারিত দেখুন

English [ Course Code: 65712]

Reading, Listening With Understanding – The Fluency Of Speech, Grammatical Accuracy With Emphasis On Spelling & Punctuation. Creative Writing.

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3rd Semester Courses :

Electrical Circuits -2 [ Course Code: 66731 ]

Complex algebra − application to AC circuits; RLC Parallel circuits; Expression for power and VAR; series resonance; Parallel resonance ; Poly phase system – 3-phase interconnection; Star connected system; Delta connected system; Balanced Power System; Unbalanced power system; Non-sinusoidal waves.

After completion of these contents students will be able to acquire, achieve and develop:
 To provide knowledge and skill (to apply complex algebra) for AC circuits.
 To acquire knowledge and skills on resonance by varying inductance, Capacitance and frequency.
 To develop concept on Poly phase balanced power system.
 To achieve skills in measuring line and phase quantities in three phase supply.
 To assist in acquainting the concept of poly phase unbalanced power system.
 To develop the concept of non-sinusoidal waves.

Advance Electricity [ Course Code: 66732 ]

Advance wiring; Electric lamps; Earthing; Controlling and Protective devices; Electro-magnetic Induction; Magnetism and Magnetization; Hysteresis and eddy current loss; Energy stored in the magnetic field.

After completion of these contents students will be able to acquire, achieve and develop:
 To acquire knowledge and skills of Electrical house wiring.
 To develop the capacity to know constructional details and working principles of electric lamps.
 To develop understanding about earthing.
 To develop understanding about controlling and protective devices.
 To acquaint the principles of Electro-magnetic Induction.
 To familiarize Magnetism and magnetization.

Electrical Engineering Drawing [ Course Code: 66733 ]

After completion of these contents students will be able to acquire, achieve and develop: Drawing (elevation, plan and section) of electrical transmission and distribution line structure; Drawing of symbols used in electrical planning; Drawing of insulator used in overhead line; Drawing of pole mounted sub-station; Drawing of LT distribution line; Drawing electrical layout and single line wiring diagram of a small residential building; Using ECAD in electrical Drawing and circuit.

After completion of these contents students will be able to acquire, achieve and develop:
 To acquaint with electrical engineering drawings.
 To develop skill in drawing isometric, oblique and orthographic views.
 To enable to interpret and skill to draw thread and fastening devises.
 To develop skill in drawing the symbols for electrical components and equipment.
 To develop skill in drawing the layout diagram of overhead distribution lines.
 To develop skill in drawing the layout diagram of a small sub-station.
 To enable to interpret the electrical layout diagram of a residential building.
 To enable and skill to draw Electrical circuit, plan with ECAD.

Mathematics – 3 [ Course Code: 65931 ]

Menstruation : Area of rectangles, squares, triangles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms, rhombus, trapezium, circle, sector, segment; Volume of rectangular solids, prism, parallelepiped, pyramids, cones, spheres, frustum of pyramid and cone; Area of curved surface of prism, Cylinder cone, pyramid and frustum of cone.
Co-ordinate Geometry: Co-ordinates of a point, locus and its equation, straight lines, circles and conic.
Vector: Addition and subtraction, dot and cross product.

Physics – 2 [ Course Code: 65922]

Thermometry and Heat Capacity; Expansion of materials (effect of heat); Heat transfer; Humidity; Nature of heat and Thermodynamics; Photometry; Reflection of light; Refraction of light; Electron , photon and Radio activity; Theory of Relativity.

 To develop a foundation in scientific principles and processes for the understanding and application of technology.
 To develop an understanding of fundamental scientific concepts through investigation and experimentation.
 To provide a common base for further studies in technology and science.
 To develop the basic knowledge of modern physics.

Communicative English [ Course Code: 65722]

This Course Will Provide A Unique Foundation In The Basic Level For Developing Listening, Speaking, Reading And Writing Skills Into Some Of More Specialized And Advanced Capabilities Of Basic Operation In Communication. After The Completion of the Module, Learners Will Be Able To Develop- # Creative Writing Ability # Transferring Information, Ideas And Knowledge #Communicative Competence Effectively In The Workplace Situation.

Social Science [ Course Code: 65811 ]

Civics and Social Sciences; Individual and Society; Nation and Nationality; Citizenship; state and government; Law; Constitution; Government and its organs; public Opinion; Political Party; UNO and its organs; Scope and importance of Economics; Basic concepts of Economics- Utility, Wealth, Consumption, income wages, salary, value in use and savings; Production – meaning, nature, factors and laws; Demand and Supply; market equilibrium, national income, Current economic problems of Bangladesh; Role of Diploma Engineers in the economic development of Bangladesh; Occupations and career planning; Engineering teem.

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4th Semester Courses :

Electrical Installation Planning & Estimating -2 [ Course Code: 66741]

Planning and estimating; Measurement book, price sheet, catalogue and schedule of labor rate; Illumination; Conductor size and current carrying capacity; Electricity Acts/Rules; Electrical codes; Internal wiring installation; Distribution line; Installation and winding of electrical machine/equipment; Testing electrical installation.

The objective of this course is to provide the student with an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skill and attitude in the area of planning and estimating of electrical installation with special emphasis on:
 Planning and preparation of estimates for an electrical installation.
 Internal wiring and service connection.
 Installation of electrical machines.
 Electricity act/rules and safety practices.

DC Machines [ Course Code : 66742 ]

Cell and Battery: Principle, construction, uses and maintenance; Electroplating; DC Generator: Principle, construction, winding, losses, efficiency, characteristics and parallel operation; DC Motor: Principle, construction, torque/speed curves, efficiency, speed control, starting and tests; Electric traction.

Industrial Electronics [ Course Code : 66845 ]

Power switching devices, Semiconductor diode in power electronics, Inverter, Chopper , Cycloconverter , Control of ac and dc drives, Photo diode , Photo Transistor , Photo Resistor , Solar Power system , UPS,IPS , AVR & safety system.

Applied Mechanics [ Course Code : 67045 ]

Applied mechanics and unit conversion, Composition and resolution of forces. Moment and their applications. Equilibrium of force and couples, centroid, center of gravity and moment of inertia. Friction, support reactions, frame and truss, projectiles, work, power and energy.

Programming Essentials [ Course Code : 66631 ]

Basics of programming Language; Basics of Python; Variables; Data types; Strings; Operators; Decision making and Looping statements; Lists; Tuples; Functions; File operations.

Business Organization & Communication [ Course Code : 65841 ]

Principles and objects of business organization; Formation of business organization; Banking system and its operation; Negotiable instrument; Home trade and foreign trade. Basic concepts of communication Communication model & feedback; Types of communication; Methods of communication; Formal & informal communication; Essentials of communication; Report writing; Office management; Communication through correspondence; Official and semi- official letters.

Solar Panel, Electrical, Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, http://electricalgoln.com


5th Semester Courses :

Electrical & Electronic Measurement -I [ Course Code: 66751 ]

Fundamentals of measurements; Indicating instruments; Digital instruments; Current & voltage measuring instruments; Measurement of electrical power; Energy meters.

Generation of Electrical Power [ Course Code: 66752 ]

Sources of energy; Power plants: Types & working principle; Selection of power plants & site; Power plant economics and Authority for generating power.

Upon completion of contents students will be able to achieve and acquire knowledge, skill and attitude in the area of Generation of Electrical Power with special emphasis on;
 Overview of Electrical power and energy
 Main features of power generation.
 Power plant economics.
 Authorities responsible for generation of electrical energy in Bangladesh.

Renewable Energy [ Course Code: 66753 ]

Sources of Renewable energy; Types of renewable energy; Solar energy, Wind power, Fuel cells, Biomass, Geo-thermal and alternative fuels for transportation.

Upon completion of these content students will be able to achieve and acquire knowledge, skill and attitude in the area of Renewable Energy with special emphasis on;
 Overview of renewable energy.
 Main features of renewable energy generation.
 Challenges and problems associated with the use renewable energy in Bangladesh.
 Availability and implementation of potential renewable energy.

Digital Electronics & Microprocessors [ Course Code: 66856]

Basic Digital Circuits; Numbers systems and codes; Combinational logic circuits; Flip-flops and shift registers; Counters; A/D and D/A converters; Semiconductor memories; 8085, 8086 microprocessors.

Environmental Studies [ Course Code: 69054 ]

Basic concepts of the environment; natural resources; biogeochemical cycling; ecology and ecosystem; air; water; soil; solid waste management; development and environment; global environmental challenges; legislative protection of the environment.

Accounting Theory & Practice [ Course Code: 65851 ]

Concept of bookkeeping and accounting; Transactions; Entry systems; Accounts; Journal; Ledger; Cashbook; Trial balance; Final accounts; Cost account & financial accounting; Income Tax; Public works accounts.

Solar Panel, Electrical, Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, http://electricalgoln.com


6th Semester Courses :

Alternating Current Machines-1 [ Course Code: 66761]

Transformer : principle of operation & construction, emf equation, transformation ratio, losses, equivalent resistance, leakage reactance, tests, regulation, efficiency, three phase connection, auto transformer, parallel operation, Three-phase induction motor: working principle, construction, magnetic field, torque, energy stage, tests, starting and speed control.

Electrical & Electronic Measurement-2 [ Course Code: 66762 ]

Extension of instrument ranges: instrument range; Ammeter shunt, Voltmeter multiplier; Instrument
transformer: construction and use of CT & PT; Measurement of resistance: Low resistance, Medium
resistance and High resistance; Multimeter; Digital instrument; Frequency Meter: Principle of
measurement, construction and operation; Energy factor meter: Construction and principles of
operation; Digital energy factor meter;

Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power-1 [ Course Code:  66763 ]

Different systems of transmission; Aspect of transmission system; Mechanical design of overhead lines: support of overhead lines; conductors & conductor materials; Insulators; Effect of sag; Methods for survey of transmission/distribution line route; Voltage distribution of suspension insulator; Corona; Erection of poles and drawing of conductors of overhead lines; Electrical design of overhead line: Resistance of the line conductor; Skin effect of transmission line; Effect of inductance on transmission line; Effect of capacitance of overhead transmission line; Voltage regulation and efficiency of short transmission line.

Communication Engineering [ Course Code : 66867 ]

Communication networks; Modulation; Demodulation Receiver and Transmitter; Telephone system; Digital communication; Communication switching system; Optical fiber; Satellite communication; Digital Communication, Modem and mobile communications.

Micro Controller & PLC [ Course Code: 66868 ]

Fundamentals of microcontroller, hardware of 8051, instruction set, Assembly language programming, C programming, Timer, Interrupt, DC motor interfacing, Stepper motor interfacing, interfacing LCD display, Relay logic control, Fundamentals of PLC, PLC ladder diagram programming, Inter relay, Jump and Call, Timer and Counter.

Industrial Management [ Course Code: 65852 ]

Basic concepts of management; Principles of management; Planning, Organization, Scientific management; Span of supervision; Motivation; Personnel management and human relation; Staffing and manpower planning ; Training of staff; Concept of leadership; Concepts and techniques of decision making; Concept of trade union; Inventory control; Economic lot size ; Break even analysis; Trade Union and industrial dispute, Marketing;


Solar Panel, Electrical, Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, http://electricalgoln.com



7th Semester Courses :

Alternating Current Machines-2 [ Course Code: 66771]

Alternators: Principle, construction, emf equation, effect of load on alternator; voltage regulation, parallel operation and starting procedure of alternator; Synchronous motor: Operation, torques and excitation, Phase swinging, Starting method and uses, Power factor correction; Single phase motor: Operation of single phase motor; Operation of AC commutator motor; Motor control: Speed control of single phase motor; Starting of three phase induction motor; Controlling speed of three phase induction motor.

Electrical Engineering Project [ Course Code: 66772 ]

Electrical projects based on the availability of materials and facilities in the Institutes and market. Possible projects may be the improvement of design and construction of electromagnetic fan regulator, electronic fan regulator, choke coil, electronic ballast, power supply unit, solar power system, inverter, small transformer, small motor starter, water level controller, rewinding of single phase motor and three phase induction motor. New ideas leading to actual construction will be given due importance.

Switch Gear & Protection [ Course Code: 66773 ]

Switch gear; Electrical faults; Busbar arrangements; Short circuit current calculation; power system stability; Current limiting reactors; Fuses; Circuit breakers; Relays; Protection of alternator & transformer; Protection of feeder & transmission line; Busbar protection; Over-voltage on transmission line; Protection against lightning; Sub-station.

Transmission & Distribution of Electrical Power –2 [ Course Code: 66774 ]

Medium and long transmission line; High Voltage DC transmission; DC distribution system; AC distribution system; Underground cables; Laying & jointing of underground cables; Insulation resistance and dielectric stress of UG cables; Capacitance in underground cables; Cable faults localization; Operation and maintenance of distribution line; Insulation resistance measurement; Grid system.

Testing & Maintenance of Electrical Equipment [ Course Code: 66775 ]

Trouble shooting and maintenance of electrical equipment, Identification of trouble and remedy the troubles of Battery, DC Generators, DC motors, Identification of trouble and remedy the troubles of Transformers, Induction motors, Alternators, Identification of trouble and remedy the troubles Synchronous motor and Circuit breaker.


Transducers; Passive transducer; Self generating type transducer; Measuring technique by transducer; Signal conditioning; Recorders; Measuring techniques of special quantities; Data acquisition; Control theory; Servo control;


Concepts of entrepreneurship & entrepreneur; Entrepreneurship & economic development; Environment for entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship in the theories of economic growth; Sources of ventures ideas in Bangladesh; Evaluation of venture ideas; Financial planning; Project selection; Self employment; Entrepreneurial motivation; Business plan; Sources of assistance & industrial sanctioning procedure; Concept of SDG; SDG 4,8 .

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